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Asian Journal of Computer Science and Technology (AJCST) Vol.2.No.2- 2014

1. Improving Network Performance and Security In Wireless Sensor Networks By Using Decentralized Hypothesis Testing
B.Karthiga and R. Sharmila
Full Text Paper    Pages: 1-6

2. FPGA Implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transform Based Satellite Image Resolution Enhancement
Full Text Paper    Pages: 7-14

3. Improving Service Credibility In Password Authenticated Peer Services
S.Pavithra and E.Yuvabharathi
Full Text Paper    Pages: 15-18

4. An Evaluation of Compression Effects On MRI Brain Images Using Lossy and Lossless Coding
Shanmugapriya B, Suresh S and Archana K S
Full Text Paper    Pages: 19-24

5. Smart Multipurpose Human Assistance Robot
A.V.Sindhuja and R.Anandan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 25-30

6. Feature Subset Selection Using Graph-Theoretic Clustering Method
P.Umadevi and L.Priya
Full Text Paper    Pages:31-35

7. A Logic For Auditing Accountability In Cloud Computing Application
K.Prabakaran and M.Viswanathan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 36-40

8. Gathering Contents From Vehicular Network Using Vehicular File Transfer Protocol With Genetic Algorithm
T.Vinoth Kumar and K.Aiswarya
Full Text Paper    Pages: 41-44

9. An Anti-Forensics Approach For Android OS
C Ram Prabhu and P Savaridassan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 42-51

10. Multimedia Information Hiding Using Stenography
D.Saravanan ,S.Vaithyasubramaniyan and R.Sahayananthini
Full Text Paper    Pages: 52-57

11. Content Based Image Retrieval Using Image Feature
M. Sunganya, D.Saravanan and A.Jesudoss
Full Text Paper    Pages: 58-62

12. Implementing Mobile Applications As Cloud Computing: Issues And Challenges
Abdur Rakhib.A.J and Jayalakshmi.R
Full Text Paper    Pages: 63-67