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Asian Journal of Computer Science and Technology (AJCST)-Vol.2 No.1, 2014

1. Advanced Text QA: Interactive Communications Facsimile Through Accretion Propaganda
K. Sridharan, A. Angel Jessie Rani, V. Preetha and V. Archana
Full Text Paper    Pages: 1-5

2. Enhancing Safety Measures In Metro Rail By Using PLC And Scada
M.A.Raja, A.Arunya, DiptiYadav, G.Kanitha and R.Maheshwari
Full Text Paper    Pages: 6-12

3. 3D Deformable Modeling of Pleural Effusion Segmentation on CT Images
Cici Luke Alex and K. Sivachandar
Full Text Paper    Pages: 13-17

4. Testing of Adcs With Digital Error Correction Based On Linearity Test Method
V.Poonguzhali and P.Meenakshi Vidya
Full Text Paper    Pages: 18-23

5. Novel Algorithm For 8 Point DCT & IDCT Implementation Based On Cordic
S.Ramesh and R.Kangeyan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 24-28

6. Design And Implementation of Gadgets For Automatic LPG Reservation And Meter Pricing
K.Vijayalakshmi, K.Umamaheswari and B.Sivakami
Full Text Paper    Pages: 29-34

7. Fault Secure Memory Design Using Difference-Set Codes For Memory Applications
Lakshmanan.V and Vijaya Ganesh.J
Full Text Paper    Pages: 35-42

8. Application of Coding Theory To Source Anonymity In Wireless Sensor Networks
Swathika.M and Kavitha.T
Full Text Paper    Pages: 43-48

9. An Efficient Approach For Subspace Clustering By Using Cat Seeker
M. Aravindan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 49-52

10. Enhancing Privacy For Loosely Federated Database In Information Brokering System
Gowri Shankar.S and Ida.F
Full Text Paper    Pages: 53-57

11. Lassification of Compressedmammogram Image Using Improved Watershed Transform
D. Kavitha
Full Text Paper    Pages: 58-65

12. Design of NN Reversible Multiplier Using MKG Gate
Arun.P and Suresh Kumar.P
Full Text Paper    Pages: 66-71