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Asian Journal of Engineering and Applied Technology (AJEAT) Vol.2.No.1- 2014

1. Improving the Fairness and Stability in Allocating the Resource With Multiple Connections
Nithya.B, Ashief Ali.S.L and Jeganathan.P
Full Text Paper    Pages: 1-5

2. An Improved Efficient Solution for the Automated Detection of Click-Jacking Attacks
M.Jayakumar and Saveetha.D
Full Text Paper    Pages: 6-8

3. Preventing DNS Spoofing Attack In Local Area Network Using DNS Proxy
KalaimaniBalu and M. Vivekandan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 9-11

4. Low Power Wireless Sensor Network Based On DVFS Algorithm
B. Imayavathi, Dr. R. Ganesan and V. Karthik
Full Text Paper    Pages: 12-17

5. Achieving Area Efficient Parallel FIR Digital Filter Structures For Symmetric Convolutions Using VLSI Implementation
Rakesh.A and Pushpalatha.V
Full Text Paper    Pages: 18-22

6. Proprietary Open Wireless Technology For Digital Meter In Control Area Network
A.Vetrivel, G.Valarmathi and Dr.D.Balasubramaniam
Full Text Paper    Pages:23-24

7. RGDS: Achieving Revocation For Group-Based Data Sharing In Cloud
Vinod S E and Dr.M.JayaPrasad
Full Text Paper    Pages: 25-29

8. Harmonic Elimination In Cascaded Monticello Trans -Z - Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor
S.Yogeswari1 and G.Soundra Devi
Full Text Paper    Pages: 30-35

9. Surveillance Aid System for the Visually Impaired People (SASVIP)
Pavithra.S, Rajalakshmi.M, Sangeetha.H and Sridhar.S
Full Text Paper    Pages: 36-39

10. Power Conservation Target Prediction In Wireless Sensor Network Using Sleep Scheduling
S.Sathis Kumar and A.Suresh Kumar
Full Text Paper    Pages: 40-45

11. Data Mining Cluster Analysis
R. Jayalakshmi and A. J. Abdur Rakhib
Full Text Paper    Pages: 46-54

12. Crystal Growth, PXRD, UV VIS and FTIR Studies of ADP Single Crystals
J.Arumugam, S.Thambidurai and N.Suresh
Full Text Paper    Pages: 63-65

14. Preparation And Characterization Of Cdo/Pvp Nanoparticles By Precipitation Method
K.M.Prabu, P.M.Anbarasan and S.Janarthanan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 60-66

13. Crystal Growth and Characterization of KDP and ADP Single Crystals
Dr.M.Selvapandiyan and R.Arivuselvi
Full Text Paper    Pages: 71-77