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Asian Journal of Engineering and Applied Technology (AJEAT) Vol.3.No.1- 2015

1. Fast Clustering Algorithm Integrates Cluster Analysis and Sparse Structural Learning- An Effective Unsupervised Feature Selection
G.Manjula.A.Kumaresan and K.Vijaya Kumar
Full Text Paper    Pages: 1-5

2. Mining Emerging Skills From Social Network Sourced Big Data Set
I.Jenitto and R.V. Belfin
Full Text Paper    Pages: 6-12

3. A Novel Implementation of Digital Circuits Using MVL Function
Kamakiya V and Anbarasu .R
Full Text Paper    Pages: 13-19

4. Symbiotic Nano Chips Self-Sustainable Chips
R.S.Shree Kumaar
Full Text Paper    Pages: 20-23

5. Control of Voltage Source Inverter Using SVPWM For Three Phase Induction Motor Drive Applications
J.Gopi and S.Rajasekar
Full Text Paper    Pages: 24-29

6. Implementation of Six Sigma Strategy to Enhance Quality and Performance of Architectural works in Contracted Residential Construction
Muthu Mariappan.P, Saradha Devi.N and Prasanna Kumar.S
Full Text Paper    Pages: 30-35