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Asian Journal of Electrical Sciences (AJES) Vol.3.No.1- 2015

1. Image Processing Based Approach To Predict Cancer Cell In Blood Samples
M.Meenakshi Priyanga
Full Text Paper    Pages: 1-5

2. An Efficient Protocol For Distributed Caching
Kannan A and Sivakumari M.S.S
Full Text Paper    Pages: 6-9

3. ECG Steganography In Point-of-Care Systems
R.Prabhu, T.Saranya and T.V.Sudhiraa
Full Text Paper    Pages: 10-12

4. Efficient Encryption And Decryption For Data Security Using Simon Block Ciphers
G.Sethuram Rao, S.Aazmi Balkees,R.Divya and M.Govarthini
Full Text Paper    Pages: 13-17

5. An Enhanced Authentication Scheme In Heterogeneous Wireless Network
Full Text Paper    Pages: 18-22

6. Design of Data Communication Over Power Line
S.Mohan, A.Anitha, S.Sudharsan and N.Arivazhagan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 29-33

6. Image Pixel Classification Through AWB and AE Correction Methods
Umagowri.R and Kanimozhi.K
Full Text Paper    Pages: 23-28

7. Preventing Gray Hole Attack Using Trust Based Modified Ad-Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol
N.Rajendran and M.Karthik
Full Text Paper    Pages: 29-32

8. Scalability And The Bandwidth Efficiency of VOD Systems
K.Deepathilak, M.Dhanalakshmi, R .Dhivyalakshmi and R.G. Gajalakshmi
Full Text Paper    Pages: 33-37

9. Green House Management Using Selfpowered Wireless Sensor Network
K.M.Iswarya ,S.Kalpana, B.Meenakshi And C.Nirmala Devi
Full Text Paper    Pages: 38-41

10. Preserving The Confidentiality and Security For The Data Stored In Cloud
K. Anitha, S. Iswarya and K. Venilla
Full Text Paper    Pages: 42-45

11. Session Hijacking Prevention Using Magic Cookie With MAC
P.Manju Bala and D.Shanmugapriya
Full Text Paper    Pages: 46-49

12. Design And Analysis of Controller Inmodified Sepic DC-DC Converter
V. P. Deepika.,Dr. S. A. Elankurisil and Dr. J. Baskaran
Full Text Paper    Pages: 50-53

13. Enrichment of Nano Modified Insulating Mineral Oil
J.Jeyanth Gnanaraj ,J.Santha Kumar,S.M.Vignesh and P.K.Kasirajan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 54-60