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Asian Journal of Information Science and Technology (AJIST)Vol.3.No.1- 2015

1. A Study On Minimizing Redundancy, Retransmission Error And Routing Overhead In MANET
M.Senthil,, D.Suganya,, V.Suganya and S.Banu
Full Text Paper    Pages: 1-7

2. A Survey On Image De Noising
K.Kishore Anthuvan Sahayaraj, G.Thamizharuvi, S.Vinothini and K.Kavithayeni
Full Text Paper    Pages: 7-11

3. A Survey On Fuzzy Set For Multiple Decision In Cognitive Radio Networks
L.Jayakumar, S.Vinothini, G.Thamizharuvi and K.Kavithayeni
Full Text Paper    Pages: 12-16