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Asian Journal of Science and Applied Technology (AJSAT) Vol.2.No.1- 2014

1. Geographical Approximate String Search For Retrieving Errorious Data In Spatial Database
P.Sudha, A.Kumaresan, K.Vijaya kumar and G.Nanda kumar
Full Text Paper    Pages: 1-6

2. Vehicle Engine Blocking And Recovering From Theft Control By Using GSM Technology
Gurumoorthy K, Rakesh R,Vinothkumar R, Deiva Kani K and Rajkumar M
Full Text Paper    Pages: 7-11

3. Virtual Instrumentation Control of A Mine Detecting Robot Via Online
Krishnaveni.N and Renisha.F
Full Text Paper    Pages: 12-16

4. VLSI Implementation Of Robust Circle Detection On Image Using Genetic Optimization Technique
M.Mohamed Rasik Raja and Dr.R.Ganesan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 17-20

5. An Approach of Energy Efficient and Secure Data Transfer Using Multicast Routing Protocol In Ad Hoc Networks
F. Sanjitha Banu and D. Saveetha
Full Text Paper    Pages: 21-26

6. Appraisal and Analysis On Various Big Data Technologies
Kannadasanrajengran,M.S.Saleem Basha,Mohamed Jameel Hashmi Ziyad Al Tariq
Full Text Paper    Pages: 27-32

7. Lossless Data Extraction By Reserving Room Before Encryption With Reversible Embedding Technique
P.Kanchanamala and P.S.Thumilvannan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 33-37

8. Area Optimized Cardinal Multi Wavelets For Wireless Communication
G.Aswini and K.Anitha
Full Text Paper    Pages: 38-42

9. Increasing Efficiency For Hit Detection In Blastn
Gomathi.V and A.D. Khamala Khannen
Full Text Paper    Pages: 43-48

10. Supervision And Directing Home Appliances With Voice Command Using Smart Phones
Shanmathi R, Prema M, Ramitha Mohan T and Shiju S.U
Full Text Paper    Pages: 49-53