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Asian Journal of Science and Applied Technology (AJSAT)- Vol.3 No.1, 2015

1. An Approach of Wireless Network For Optimal Broadcast Using Chorus
S.Prabu, S.A.Ramesh Kumar and N.BagiyaLakshmi
Full Text Paper    Pages: 1-4

2. Greendroid: Automated Diagnosis of Energy Inefficiency For Smartphone Applications
T. Immaculate Joy and N.Vasuki
Full Text Paper    Pages: 5-7

3. Enriching Privacy In Personalized Web Search
E.Aruljothi. and Dr. C.Rajabhaushanam
Full Text Paper    Pages: 7-9

4. Privacy - Preserving Multiple Auditing For Distributed Da1ta In The Cloud Storage
M.Devika and A.Antonidoss
Full Text Paper    Pages: -

5. Detect Mentions In Social Stream Via Mention Anomaly Model
C. Ravichandran and S.Murugesan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 10-13/a>

6. Productivity Improvement In End Suction Pump Test Bed Using Mobile Trolley
A.Muthu Manokar
Full Text Paper    Pages: 14-16

7. Enhancing ZRP To Detect Black Hole Attack In MANET Using Fuzzy Logic
P.Padmapriya and G.Manoranjini
Full Text Paper    Pages: -

8. Energy Efficient Routing For Biomedical Wireless Sensor Networks
M.Aathirai Meena and Dr.R.Valli
Full Text Paper    Pages: 17-23

9. Low Power Cache Memory Architecture Using Bandwidth Scalable Controller
N.Mallika, A.Muthumanicckam and R.Sornalatha
Full Text Paper    Pages: 24-28

10. High Boost Hybrid Transformer Dc-Dc Converter For PV applications
Full Text Paper    Pages: 29-33

11. Creating Hierarchical User Profile For Privacy Protection In Personalized Web Search
J.Kavitha and S.Subbiah
Full Text Paper    Pages: 34-39

12. Design And Implementation of AC-DC-DC Converter Providing Multichannel Fixed And Variable DC Output Voltages
J.Gopi and M.Sheriff
Full Text Paper    Pages: 40-46

13. Optimized Resource Selection For Tasks Using Spectral Clustering On Cloud
A.Maryanireka and S.P.Arasai
Full Text Paper    Pages: 47-53

14. Study on Effect of Pozzolanas on Fibre Reinforced Concrete
Full Text Paper    Pages:54-58

15. Study on Built-Up Column on Cold Formed Steel Channel Profiles
Dr. Sankaran.S, Shanmugam.L ,and Karthikeyan N.M
Full Text Paper    Pages: 59-65

16. Image Oriented Graphical Passwords:A New Primitive Enhancing Security
Vidyaviswanathan and M.Anbarasan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 66-69

17. Web Mining Using Research Issues of Data Mining Techniques
Full Text Paper    Pages: 70-73