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    Submissions must be original and should not have been published previously or be under consideration for publication while being evaluated by goniv Journals. All articles are subjected to a double blind peer-review process. All submitted articles will be judged based on their quality by the reviewers committee. All article submissions will be handled electronically by Microsoft CMT service. goniv

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    goniv Asian Research Journals is fully committed to providing free access to all articles as soon as they are published. We ask you to support this initiative by publishing your papers in this journal. We strongly believe that our journal will help to develop your own professional career.

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    Our mission is to play a vital role in global research by contributing to the advancement of knowledge in critical areas through the delivery of innovative information. We seek to continuously make significant investments that will serve research and technical needs.

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    Processing Fees
    goniv is an Open Access Publisher, we does not receive payment for subscription as the journals are freely accessible on the internet. We ask that authors, institution, funding agency should pay a modest fee of $300 to facilitate our publication process.
Indian Journal of Applied Mathematical Research (IJAMR)
Indian Journal of Applied Mathematical Research (IJAMR) is a yearly international peer-reviewed journal of Applied Mathematical Research. One of the objectives of this journal is to disseminate knowledge on various research issues connected with the topics include, but are not limited to:

Mathematical theory/applications
Applications of mathematics in management science
Innovative applications of mathematics in optimisation
Mathematics in developing computational theory/applications
Algorithms for efficient solution methodology
Mathematics of discrete/continuous/stochastic optimisation
Stochastic theory/models, statistical tools/techniques
Mathematical/dynamic/stochastic programming
Simulation techniques, AI/expert systems, machine learning
Control theory/methodologies, reliability
Mathematics of inventory theory/models
Queuing/transportation/location/network/game/scheduling theory/applications
Marketing models/optimisation, decision theory/support systems
OR mathematics in procurement/manufacturing/distribution/finance/accounting
Applied mathematical techniques in data mining/storage management
Supply chain management/modelling/analysis
Algebra & Mathematical Logic
Algebraic Geometry
Operator Algebra
Functional Analysis
Lie Groups
Lie Algebras
Ordinary Differential Equation
Dynamic System
Geometry and Topology
Mathematical Computer Sciences
Mathematical Methods in Continuum Mechanics
Number Theory
Control Theory
Numerical Analysis
Science Computing
Probability Theory & Mathematical Statistics
Stochastics Process
Mathematical Actuary
Splines & wavelets with applications
Computer Graphics & Differential Equations
Applied Problems & Methods
in Research & Education Financial Mathematics & Computation
Mathematical Modeling in Environmental Sciences & Models for Complex Media
Mathematics & Computation in Biological Sciences and Medicine
Computational Mechanics & Engineering
Applied Mathematics & Statistics
Engineering Mathematics
Operation Research
Logistics Management
Risk Management
Applied Mathematics & Modeling
Computational Methods
Ordinary & Partial Differential Equations
Mathematics Modelling & Optimization
Data Analysis
Analysis & Its Applications
Approximation Theory & Its Applications
Ergodic Theory
Sequence Spaces & Summability
Fixed Point Theory
Functional Analysis & It's Applications
Applied Algebra & Its Applications
Information Theory & Error Correcting Codes
Combinatorics & Its Application
Cellular Automata
Computational Algebra
Computational Group Theory
Geometry & Its Applications
Geometry & Its Application
Differential Geometry
Algebraic Statictics & Its Applications
Algebraic Statistics & Its Applications
Probability & Statistics Applications

Editorial Board
Dr Prof. E. Thambiraja
Department of Mathematics
Dr. Pauls Engineering College, Vanur
Tamil Nadu, India
Editorial Advisory Board
Dr. Prof. Ke Chen
Director of Centre for Mathematical Imaging Techniques
Department of Mathematical Sciences,
The University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Dr. Prof. C. Raju
Chairman-Quantitative Methods and Operations Management
Chairman-Executive Post Graduate Programmes
Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, India

Dr. Hazizan Md Akil
Chair in Financial Mathematics & Actuarial Science
Deputy Director of Institute of Finance University of Leicester,
United Kingdom Sains Malaysia,

Editorial Policy of IJAMR

Indian Journal of Applied Mathematical Research, a multidisciplinary Applied Mathematical Research Journal is a Peer-reviewed International Journal and publishes from Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, South India. The journal has been established since October 2012 on a firm goniv Publications - A Global Research Publishing House. The journal publishes high quality reviews, full papers and communications in all branches of Applied Mathematical Research and its sub-disciplines.

  1. IJAMR does not accept manuscripts that have been published or submitted elsewhere.
  2. IJAMR does not accept manuscripts that have been accepted (or are under active consideration) for publication elsewhere.
  3. IJAMR may accept a paper that has appeared in a similar form in publications not available to the general public, such as conference proceedings, reports, and abstracts for international conferences, but the author(s) must submit a cover letter stating the previous publication and a reprint(s) at the time of manuscript submission.
Reviewing Processes
  1. When manuscripts have been received by the Editor-in-Chief, an acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to the author(s) via e-mail. The Editor-in-Chief chooses an editor to handle the manuscript review.
  2. The submitted manuscript will be subjected to screening review for its scope, novelty, completeness, English level, and conformation to the IJAMR policy. A manuscript not passing the screening review will immediately be returned to the authors.
  3. The editor in-charge will select an expert reviewer to evaluate the manuscript.
  4. The articles can be fully acceptable or the articles can be completely rejected or the articles may be asked for some minor corrections or the articles may be required to be submitted again after major revision.
  5. Manuscripts returned to authors for revision should be resubmitted promptly. If the revision cannot be finished within two month, the manuscript will be regarded as having been withdrawn.
  6. Once the revised articles are received from the authors then they are sent for printing.
  7. The authors firstly receive the Proof of their articles which are sent to them by e-mail for any corrections to be incorporated.
  8. After the editing and corrections are done then the authors will receive the Final Proof to see what actually their paper will look as.
  9. After incorporating the final corrections the articles are sent for printing.
  10. The Editor-in-Chief will finally decide whether or not to accept the manuscript for publication.
  11. Authors can make an appeal against rejection by document only once.

    Authors are requested to submit their manuscript online to gonivjournals@yahoo.com
    Journal Prints
    goniv has a liberal policy to allow the authors and readers to order the hard copies of any particular number/ issue, volume or set of volumes of the journal. The hard copy initiative is a print-on-demand and a not-for-profit initiative. A minimal fees is applied to cover the printing, handling, packaging and postal delivery of the journal volume. To keep the process simple, goniv journal pricing is uniformly applicable over all the volumes.
Editors and Reviewers
goniv Publications is seeking qualified researchers to join its editorial team as Associate Editor, Editorial Advisory Board Member, and Reviewers.
Kindly send your details to gonivjournals@gmail.com

Call for Papers
Authors are requested to submit their papers electronically to gonivjournals@gmail.com with mention journal title.

Scholar of the Month
The Journals honor Outstanding Scholars in various fields. Scholar of the Month should have contributed to their field and to the larger community. Recipients will be nominated by the Advisory Board and approved by the Editor-in-Chief of the allied journals published by goniv publications. Scholar of the Month will be displayed in the web portal of the concerned journal.

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