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Indian Journal of Advancd Research in Electrical, Electronics and Instumentation Engineering (IJAREEIE)- Vol.2 No.1 2014

1. Controlling A Human Computer Interface (HCI) Using Electro-Oculography (EOG) Signal
Full Text Paper    Pages: 1-5

2. Stability Enhancement of Power System With Facts Based Damping Controller Using BFOA
G.Y.Sree Varshini and Dr.S.Charles Raja
Full Text Paper    Pages: 6-11

3. Certified Secure Storage Services For Outsourced Data In Cloud
Blessty Sweetline T and SathiyaPriya K
Full Text Paper    Pages: 12-16

4. Design of Multilevel Two Dimensional-Discrete Wavelet Transform For Image Processing Applications
J.Sarala and E.Sivanantham
Full Text Paper    Pages: 17-22

5. Study on Aggregation Based Trusted Routing Scheme For WSN
Kalaiarasi.M and Velmurugan.N
Full Text Paper    Pages: 23-27

6. Advanced DC-DC Converter Controlled Speed Regulation of Induction Motor Using PI Controller
P.Elangovan, Dr.C.Kumar and B.Gomathy
Full Text Paper    Pages: 28-33

7. Wcet Analysis on Real Time Embedded Systems For Memory Constrains
Balachandar Jayapalan and Karthikeyan R
Full Text Paper    Pages: 34-38

8. An Approach For Biometric Facial Recognition Based On Extracting Consistent Features From Thermal Infrared Images
Tinsu Susan Thomas and D. Uma
Full Text Paper    Pages: 39-43

9. Design of PI Controller For Interleaved - Flyback With Active Clamping Circuit For a Hybrid of Solar and Fuel Cell Energy
M. Kanagalakshmi and N. Prasanna Raj
Full Text Paper    Pages: 44-50

10. Design and Implementation of Gadgets For Automatic LPG Reservation and Meter Pricing
K.Vijayalakshmi, K.Umamaheswari and B.Sivakami
Full Text Paper    Pages: 51-56

11. Node Lifetime Increment Using Energy Protocol In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
S.Ramadoss and A.Vijiyakumar
Full Text Paper    Pages: 57-61