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Indian Journal of Communication Engineering and Systems (IJCES) Vol.2.No.1- 2014

1. SPerformance of an IC Engine Running on Various Blends of Diesel And Linseed Oil
D.Thamil selvan, G.Ayyappan, S.Venkatesh,P.Ganesan and M.Kirubananthan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 1-11

2. Detecting Intrusion Zombies In Scalable Network Infrastructure
G.Saranya, K and Vijayakumar
Full Text Paper    Pages: 12-15

3. Area Optimized Cardinal Multi Wavelets For Wireless Communication
G.Aswini and K.Anitha
Full Text Paper    Pages: 16-20

4. Avoid Impact Of Jamming Using Multipath Routing Based On Wireless Mesh Networks
N.Denif Qury Gordiliya and S.Mothilal Nehru
Full Text Paper    Pages: 21-26

5. Solar Powered Sensor Less Bldc Motor Using Z-Source Inverter
M.Jeeva, .P.Srividhya, Dr. C. Kumar
Full Text Paper    Pages: 27-31

6. A Novel Ids Based Eaack For MANET
N.Tamil priya and K. C. Prabu Shankar
Full Text Paper    Pages: 32-36

7. Preventing Indirect Discrimination In Data Mining Owed Headed For Biased Training Datasets
Baskaran P and Dr. Arulanandam K
Full Text Paper    Pages: 37-42

8. A Novel Approach For Hasty Error Reduction To Safeguard The Networks
A.Divya and R.Kavitha
Full Text Paper    Pages: 43-48