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Indian Journal of Communication Engineering and Systems (IJCES) Vol.2.No.2- 2014

1. Balancing Handoff Failure By Substituting Wimax Interface
J.Samuel and R.Praveena
Full Text Paper    Pages: 49-53

2. Non Isolated High Gain Two Inductor Boost Converter For Solar PV Applications
N.Venkatarama, R.Anand and Dr.I.Gnanambal
Full Text Paper    Pages: 54-59

3. Low Power Baseband Receiver Architecture Using STBC-OFDM For Mobile WMAN
S.Narendran and C.Thiripurasundari
Full Text Paper    Pages: 60-65

4. Trusted CBCR Scheme To Enhance The Performance And Security In MANET
K. C. Prabu Shankar and V. Nesamalar
Full Text Paper    Pages: 66-70

5. Resonant PWM ZVZCS DC TO DC Converters For Renewable Energy Applications
B.Karthikeyan and Jebasalma
Full Text Paper    Pages: 71-78

6. Study of Radiation And Health Hazards Due To Mobile Communication and Cell Towers
Mijanur Rahim
Full Text Paper    Pages: 79-82

7. Network on Chip Address Based Network Router (NANR) Design For SOC Applications
B.Silambarasi and P.S.Jayakumar
Full Text Paper    Pages: 83-87

8. Smart Battery Charger For Electric Mobility In Smart Grids
J.Kumaresan and Dr. C. Govindaraju
Full Text Paper    Pages: 88-93

9. Operation Of A Telecommunications Power System With A Novel Topology Multiple Input Buck Boost Converter and Local Micro Sources
Juby Jose and Dr. I.Gnanambal
Full Text Paper    Pages: 94-100

10. Secured Data Sharing In Cloud Using Distributed Accountability
Full Text Paper    Pages: 101-106