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Indian Journal of Communications Technology and Electronics (IJCTE) Vol.2.No.1- 2014

1. Vigilant System For Vehicles By Lane Detection
Sowmya.P and Sivagar.M.R
Full Text Paper    Pages: 1-6

2. Disruption Malleability In Mobile Unattended Wsn
K.Kavitha, and J. Jothi
Full Text Paper    Pages: 7-12

3. Adaptive Routing In Communication Networks Using Cell Breathing Based Backpressure Algorithm
T.Sharmila and K.P.RamyaRani
Full Text Paper    Pages: 13-17

4. Privacy Preserving In Xml Information Rokering With Automaton And Query Segmentation
K.Aishwarya and K.Usha
Full Text Paper    Pages: 18-21

5. Differential Analysis Of Human Kidney Stone Samples Using Segmentation
V.Elumalai and S.Vijayaraghavan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 22-32

6. Design and Implementation Of OFDM Transceiver For Isi Reduction Using OQPSK Modulation
P.Sugasini and A.Karthikeyan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 33-39

7. Enhancing Security And Privacy For Credit Cards Via Location Sensing
Preethi. B and Latha Rajesh
Full Text Paper    Pages: 40-44

8. Detecting Batter Power Depletion Problem In N Covered Wireless Sensor Network
E.Dheivanai, A.Kavitha,V.Komathi and S.Archana
Full Text Paper    Pages: 45-48

9. Design Of A New Ac–Dc Single-Stage Full-Bridge PWM Converter With Two Controllers
R.Ramesh, M. Ananthi, and P.Pugazhendiran
Full Text Paper    Pages: 49-53

10. FPGA Implementation Of Memory Efficient High Speed Structure For Multilevel 2d-DWT
SenthilKumar and LeemaRose.D
Full Text Paper    Pages: 54-59

11. Gathering Contents From Vehicular Network Using Vehicular File Transfer Protocol With Genetic Algorithm
T.Vinoth Kumar and K.Aiswarya
Full Text Paper    Pages: 60-63

12. Avoiding Traffic Congestion Using Cognitive Radio In Vanet
G. Naresh Kumar, Dr. G. Geetha and D. Jeya
Full Text Paper    Pages: 64-68