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Indian Journal of Electronics and Electrical Engineering (IJEEE)- Vol.2 No.2 2014

1. WLAN Notch Ultra Wideband Antenna With Reduced Return Loss and Band Selectivity
Natesh R and Arun V.
Full Text Paper    Pages: 49-53

2. Minimization of Switching Activities of Partial Products For Designing Low Power Baugh Woolley Multiplier Using Optimized Adder Cell
B.M.Prabhu and Dr.S. Padma
Full Text Paper    Pages: 54-58

3. Simulation Analysis of Dynamic Voltage Restorer Using Z-Source Inverter
Kirubanantham.K and Dr.D.Murali
Full Text Paper    Pages: 59-62

4. A Study on the Magnetizing Inrush and Differential Protection of Power Transformer
M.Gopila and Dr.I.Gnanambal
Full Text Paper    Pages: 63-68

5. Intelligent Techniques for Solving Unit Commitment Problem – A Review
Logavani K and S.Senthil Kumar
Full Text Paper    Pages: 69-71

6. A Passive 36-Pulse AC–DC Converter With Inherent load Balancing Using Combined Harmonic Voltage and Current Injection
T.Vivekanandasibal and Dr.S.Senthilkumar
Full Text Paper    Pages: 72-78

7. A Clock Gated Colpitts CMOS Quadrature VCO for Low Power Applications
A.Udhayakumar and Dr.S.Padma
Full Text Paper    Pages: 79-83

8. Unified Power Quality Conditioner for Power Quality Improvement With Advanced Control Strategy
Sureshkumar S and Ashokaraju D
Full Text Paper    Pages: 84-88

9. Modeling and Analysis of Three Area Thermal Power System Using Conventional Controllers
A.Ruby Meena and S. Senthil Kumar
Full Text Paper    Pages: 89-93

10. Compensation of Power Quality Issues In Grid Connected Solar Energy System Using STATOM – A Review
N.I. Maheshwari, N.Gunavardhini, Dr.V.Karthikeyan and Dr.M.Chandrasekaran
Full Text Paper    Pages: 94-98

11. Simulation and Modelling of PV-WIND-BASED on Hybrid Power System
J.Shanmuganathan and A.Murthi
Full Text Paper    Pages: 99-106