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Indian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (IJEEI) Vol.2.No.1- 2014

1. Satellite Imaging For Rail Navigation For Driverless Train Control System
K.Santhiya and R. Anandan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 1-6

2. Advanced VAR Planning With Tuning Of UPFC In A Distribution Generation Integrated Industrial System
Boopalan.A and R.Vinothini
Full Text Paper    Pages: 7-9

3. Bidirectional DC-DC Converter With Wide Range ZVS For Low And Medium Power Applications
B.Suganya and Dr. M.Santhi
Full Text Paper    Pages: 10-17

4. A New Three Phase 5-Level Converter By Cascading A Flying Capacitor Inverter And An H-Bridge
R.Subhashini and G.Soundra Devi
Full Text Paper    Pages: 18-24

5. A High Step-Up Full Bridge Three Port Dc-Dc Converter With Wide Input Voltage Range For Renewable Energy System
N.Maheswari and B.Meenakshi Sundaram
Full Text Paper    Pages: 25-32

6. An Improved Efficiently And Computation Time For Hit Detection
Gomathi.R and A.D. Khamala Khannen
Full Text Paper    Pages: 33-39

7. Application Of Integrated Genetic Algorithms And Tabu Search For Short Term Hydrothermal Scheduling With Prohibited Operating Zones
Full Text Paper    Pages: 40-44

8. Grid Connected Boost-Full-Bridge Photovoltaic Micro-Inverter System Using Phase Opposition Disposition Technique And Maximum Power Point Tracking
M. Nandhini,I. Poovizhi and G. Sundar
Full Text Paper    Pages: 45-51