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Indian Journal of Research in Applied Sciences Engineering (IJRASE)- Vol.2 No.1 2014

1. Effective Internet Traffic Classification By Naive Bayes Predictions And C5.0
Saleembasah N and Murugasen.M
Full Text Paper    Pages: 1-9

2. Secure Message Authentication And Acceleration Protocol For Manets
Nagalatha.K and Tharmine.N
Full Text Paper    Pages: 10-13

3. The Secure Commitment Prototype For Virtual Machines To Identify State of The Malicious Behavior
A.Revathy and Dr.M.Senthil
Full Text Paper    Pages: 14-17

4. Skin Lesion Classification Using Hybrid Spatial Features And Gr Network
Iswarya.M, Karpagam.R and Kausalya.M
Full Text Paper    Pages: 18-25

5. Neural Network Based Recognizing Surgically Altered Face Images For Real Time Security Application
K.Senthooradevi1 and V.Nishvedha
Full Text Paper    Pages: 26-32

6. Exploration And Blocking Apprehensive In Twitter
A.Deepak Sharma and P.Savaridassan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 33-35

7. Modeling of Sheet Carrier Density And DC Characteristics Based HEMT Devices
Deepa Sudaroli K
Full Text Paper    Pages: 36-43

8. Secured Data Storage With Enhanced Tpa Auditing Scheme Using Merkle Hash Tree In Cloud Computing
E.Ezhilarasan and Thamaraiselvi
Full Text Paper    Pages: 44-46

9. Boosting Dark Images Using Content-Aware Algorithm Through Channel Division
R.Ilayaraja and S.Vijayaragavan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 47-51

10. Implementing A Higher Quality Input Phrase To Driven Reverse Dictionary
E.Kamalanathan and C.Sunitha Ram
Full Text Paper    Pages: 52-56

11. A Novel and Effective Pattern Discovery Technique for Text Mining
T. Balasubramanian
Full Text Paper    Pages: 57-63