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Indian Journal of Research Communication Engineering (IJRCE)-Vol.2 No.1- 2014

1. Improvement of Service Parameters By Mechanism of Filtering and Ranking Framework In Cloud
Bhavani K and Seethalakshmi S
Full Text Paper    Pages: 1-6

2. Highly Secure Secret or Code Transform By Combination of Steganography & Encryption Technique Using Socket Communication
Harilakshmi.M and Arul flora .T.G
Full Text Paper    Pages: 7-11

3. Detection of Multiple Selfish Secondary Users In Cognitive Radio Network Using CRV
Ajantha.M and Suresh Kumar. P
Full Text Paper    Pages: 12-17

4. Design of Data Communication Over Power Line
S.Mohan, A.Anitha, S.Sudharsan, N.Arivazhagan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 18-22

5. Hierarchical Normalized Cut Method For Cancer Image Segmentation
Manochithra.P and Latha Shunmugam.D
Full Text Paper    Pages: 23-26

6. A Novel Algorithm For Extractingthe Features of Lesions from Mammogram Using Modified Expectation And Maximization
Sushree Prajnabasini Pani and V. Vedanarayanan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 27-30

7. Implementation of Beacon Scheduling In Cloud Computing Technique For Wireless Networks
G. Dinesh Kumar and VJ. Beulah Sherin Ponmalar
Full Text Paper    Pages: 31-36

8. Enhanced Distributed Trust Based Network Model For Peer-To-Peer System Architechture
R.Renuga, A.Rajesh and A.Kumaresan
Full Text Paper    Pages: 37-41