Asian Journal of Electrical Sciences (AJES)
(ISSN 2249 - 6297)
About AJES
Asian Journal of Electrical Sciences (AJES) is a yearly international peer-reviewed journal of Electrical Sciences. One of the objectives of this journal is to disseminate knowledge on various research issues connected with the topics include, but are not limited to:

Power engineering - generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, transformers, electric generators, electric motors, high voltage engineering and power electronics.
Control engineering - dynamic systems, design of controllers, electrical circuits, digital signal processors, microcontrollers and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), industrial automation.
Electronic Engineering -Electronic circuits, resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes and transistors, radio engineering, radar, television, audio systems, computers and microprocessors.
Microelectronics - Electronic circuit, integrated circuit, semiconductor transistors, resistors, capacitors, inductors, Nanoelectronics.
Signal processing - signals, analog, digital, telecommunications, Digital Signal Processing, SDTV | HDTV sets, radios and mobile communication devices, Hi-Fi audio equipments, Dolby noise reduction algorithms, GSM mobile phones, mp3 multimedia players, camcorders and digital cameras, automobile control systems, noise cancelling headphones, digital spectrum analyzers, intelligent missile guidance, radar, GPS based cruise control systems, image processing, video processing, audio processing and speech processing systems.

Telecommunications - transmission of information, coax cable, optical fiber or free space, amplitude modulation and frequency modulation, transmitters and receivers, transceiver.
Instrumentation - pressure, flow and temperature, electromagnetic theory, thermocouples, sensors of larger electrical systems, control engineering.
Computers - Computers and computer systems, hardware, software, software engineering.

Energy Sources
-Wind Energy conversion systems
-Solar Energy
-Fuel cells
-Battery Energy and Storage systems
-Energy Conservation

Power Systems

-Evolutionary Algorithm application to Power System
-Power Quality
-Distributed Generation

Power Electronics

-Converter/Inverter Topologies
-Automotive applications
-Power Factor Improvements

Electrical Drives

-Induction Motors
-Reluctance Machines
-Permanent Magnet Machines
-Sensorless control

Electromagnetic Design

-Computational Methods
-High Frequency System Simulation

Smart Grids

-Grid Control
-Power Systems Management