Asian Journal of Managerial Science (AJMS)
(ISSN: 2249 - 6300)
About AJMS

Asian Journal of Managerial Science (AJMS) is a half-yearly international peer-reviewed journal of Managerial Science. One of the objectives of this journal is to disseminate knowledge on various research issues connected with the topics include, but are not limited to:





Business strategy

Corporate governance


Financial structure

Capital markets

Health economics

Human resources management

Information systems

Innovation management




Production and logistics

Risk management

Management Science Methodologies and Basic Research Methods

Knowledge Management

Management of Information Systems

Electronic Business

Related Researches on Operational Research and Operation Management

Theories of Enterprise Management with Chinese Characteristics

Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurial Management

Basic Problems on Organizational Behaviors and Human Resources Management

Key Scientific Issues on Financial Engineering and Management

Basic Researches on Regional Development and Policy

Social Systems and Important Engineering Systems Crisis /Disaster Control

Public Administration Theories and Methodologies

Basic Researches on Macro-Management and Policy

Supply Chain and Logistics Management

The role of IT in Management

Social Media Analytics Taxation